Welcome, Louisiana Families and Educators.

Louisiana Believes is built on the premise that Louisiana students are just as capable as any students in America, and that those closest to children – parents and teachers – are best positioned to help students achieve those expectations.

Because of this belief, Louisiana created a cohesive academic plan that raises expectations and educational outcomes for students through five priority areas.

Louisiana's Academic Plan

Access to Quality Early Childhood Education: Louisiana has unified child care, Head Start, and pre-kindergarten programs into one system to ensure all children are Kindergarten ready.

Academic Alignment in Every School and Classroom: Louisiana has created the nation’s most coherent statewide system of standards, curricula, assessments, and professional learning.

Teacher and Leader Preparation: All educators in Louisiana, from aspiring teachers to school system leaders, have access to high-quality training and career advancement opportunities.

Pathways to College or a Career: Students in Louisiana graduate with the credentials and funding needed for their next step of education or career preparation.

Supporting Struggling Schools: Schools who persistently struggle, have the tools, resources and funding they need to improve.

Louisiana's Results

As a result of this focus over the past five years, Louisiana has seen an increase in student performance in every measure both locally and nationally.

Statewide Results

Louisiana’s academic plan is supported by accountability measures and a reporting system created to provide clear and concise information families and educators. Our website aims to achieve that same goal. To learn more, visit our:

  • data center for the most up-to-date information on student, educator, and school performance.